Keynote Speaker



Dr, Prof Xun Luo(罗训 博士)

Professor Xun Luo is a distinguished member of China Computer Federation (CCF). He also serves as a board member, director of Technical Committee on Virtual Reality and Visualization, of CCF. Luo is a Titular Professor of City of Tianjin. Professor Luo’s research interests include Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Systems, and Natural Human-Computer Interfaces. Professor Luo obtained B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Masters in Applied Mathematics and Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Chicago. He is the inventor and co-inventor of 28 U.S. and international patents. Besides research he is also an expert in education, has served as Program Evaluator for ABET and Chinese Engineering Education Accreditation Computer Engineering Commission.


Virtual Reality x Belt and Road: Connected Universal Experiences around the Globe



Study and R&D experiences in cultural diverse environments could greatly help the cultivation of young talents with vision and leadership. However, geographic distance and country borders make international mobility both overhead heavy and financially costly. On one hand, higher education is becoming more accessible in countries with rapid economic growth such as China. On the other hand, culturally immersive, high quality international experience is still far from affordable despite of the common desire for it. Geopolitical trends and public health concerns aggregate the discrepancy of supply and demand. Virtual Reality might come to the rescue. Based on this belief, we formed an mulch-country team and tried, grew and succeeded in some cases of using VR to help education internationalization in the past few years.



Dr, Prof Xue Li(李雪 博士)

Dr Xue Li is currently a Professor, School of Computer Science and Technology, Dalian Neusoft University of Information. He was a professor in School of Information Technology, the University of Queensland in Australia. Dr Xue Li’s work on Big Data Analytics has attracted wide attentions. For example, he was listed as one of 50 “The Most Powerful people in Australia" on Big Data by the Financial Review - the Power Issue 2015; the Microsoft Start Up Q Award 2014, Winner of the Best use of Open Data – QLD Premier’s Awards for Open Data 2014. His research interests are in database management, data analytics, and intelligent information systems. He is an Associate Editor of Journal of Advanced Internet of Things. He also was an Editor on Board of International Journal of Management of Information Systems & Technology. He has over 200 publications as monograph, edited books, book chapters, and journal and conference papers. His Google h-Index is 40, with 5,300 citations. He has successfully supervised 32 PhD students to graduation as their principal supervisor. In the University of Queensland, he taught many data science related courses including Database Design and Web Information Systems, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Computer Networks.

李雪博士目前是大连东软信息大学计算机科学与技术学院教授。他曾是澳大利亚昆士兰大学信息技术学院的教授。李雪博士在大数据分析方面的工作引起了广泛关注。例如,他被《金融评论》(《 Power》杂志2015年)评为大数据50名“澳大利亚最有影响力的人”之一; 2014年微软创新奖,澳大利亚 昆州大数据比赛一等奖。他的研究领域是数据库管理,数据分析和智能信息系统,他是《高级物联网杂志》的副主编,还曾经担任《国际信息系统管理杂志》的编委他发表了200多篇论文,包括专着,书籍章节以及期刊和国际会议论文;他的谷歌h-Index为40,文献被引用5,300多次;他作为博士生主导师已经成功地指导了32名博士研究生毕业。他在昆士兰大学(University of Queensland)教授了许多与数据科学相关的课程,包括数据库设计和Web信息系统,云计算,数据挖掘,计算机网络。

Perceiving Study Behaviours and Recommendation of Self-paced Learning Path in Large Scale Online Learning



Due to the 2020 pandemic of Coroner Virus, millions of school and university students started their online learning activities. However, the problems are that the educators need to provide the online education systems more than traditional MOOC courses in order to cover all kinds of the education activities including tutorials, experiments, tests, and Lab exercises. From students’ point of view, online learning gives them new challenges to adapt online learning environment to achieve the goals of learning and to cope with missing-experiences of face-to-face learning.? This talk will discuss the challenges that education organizations are facing to deliver large-scale online education programs and the new technologies that will perceive and cognise the student online activities in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of students’ self-paced online learning activities. Some of our new technology development will also be discussed.

由于2020年的新冠病毒疫情,成千上万的中小学和大学生开始了在线学习活动。 但是,问题在于,教育者需要提供比传统的MOOC课程更多的在线教育系统的功能与服务,以便涵盖各种教育活动,包括教程,实验,测试和实验室练习。 从学生的角度来看,在线学习给他们带来了新的挑战,以适应在线学习环境以实现学习目标并应对因不能够进行面对面的学习活动而失去的学习体验。 本报告将讨论教育机构在提供大规模在线教育课程而面临的挑战,以及怎样感知学生在线活动以提高学生自适应在线学习活动的效果和效率的新技术。 我们还将讨论一些目前正在进行的新技术研发和趋势。